Quarterly Update #1

3 months down in this the first year of the 1×12 Drawing Subscription!  That makes this the first quarterly check in.  So far, I’m very pleased with how the series is working itself out and the way in which it is offering me a direct focus within the studio.  I’m enjoying both the series as concept coming together formally and also the process as it is affecting the rest of my studio practice.

As a series, these works are formally mapping out ideas and structures I’ve been thinking about and slowly exploring through larger works and paintings that have been in the incubator for a little while now, so I’m very excited to see these forms taking shape and investigating their possibilities within the set parameters of this first series.  As I was hoping would be the case, the process has been very rewarding.  By structuring my studio time to account for the production of the subscription works I have been making progress toward a much more organized overall studio practice.  The repetition of the drawings I’m making for the subscription acts as a form of meditation, and it provides an almost immediate focus upon entering the studio to really bring my head into the space of making this black work.  I’ve found that the regimen is translating into other series I have been working on and the year’s overall production has been pretty impressive thus far.  Some of the other works being generated in the studio have been able to take on a looser quality and have allowed me to explore the potential within works with a more raw quality or an immediacy that hasn’t always been a part of my vocabulary.  I’m finding this to be very rewarding on many levels, and I hope both current subscribers and more passive viewers (i.e. “future subscribers”) are enjoying the project as well.

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