Quarterly Update #2 (The Halfway)

So here we are halfway through the first year of my Drawing Subscription. This is the point where by all rights I could be cursing myself because it’s summer, and I should want to slow things down in the studio to “feed the beast” and absorb other artists works, or read more, or restructure some storage in the studio…

Well, I’ve actually been doing all of the above while maintaining the overall velocity within the studio as far as “production” is concerned.  I’ve continued to maintain the regimen of the subscription, and kind of been hauling ass on a couple other projects as well.  Thus far, this has shaped up to be quite a productive and fulfilling year for the studio.  The necessary discipline this project demands just naturally flows into the rest of the projects going on simultaneously.  Which was partially the whole point of it, but it’s been quite a good year thus far, and I’m very excited to start wrapping my brain around what next year’s subscription will involve.  I’ve been getting quite a bit of positive feedback, so I  hope both the recipients and other viewers are continuing to  enjoy the project as well.

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