Quarterly Update the Third

Yes, I know, I’m lagging a bit behind on my blogging duties for this project.  Rest assured, all of the drawings have made their way into the hands of subscribers thus far, and I’ll be making sure this is back up to date ASAP.

The good news is it’s been a very productive year for the studio and the Drawing Subscription has certainly played a big part of that by creating a more regimented and streamlined approach to the space.  Many loose ends have found their way to completion, and lots of great studio visits have happened this year.  I spent a little time engineering a new storage system and am looking forward to both filling it with new pieces and pulling works out for upcoming shows and to send pieces to collectors.  I’ve been working out the concept for next year’s subscription which will open up again in November for a two-month window in which to subscribe.  Mark your calendars now…

Also, now that I have an understanding of the rhythm and timing the project requires within the context of the overall studio practice, I hope to be updating this with other tertiary tidbits and teasers of the project throughout the year to make it a more dynamic experience for all of us.  Therefore, this will become a part of the regular studio experience in the way the drawings are meant to afford a glimpse into a certain project.  I’ll be updating with new tools, or materials,  maybe talk about a new record I’ve been listening to in the studio, that sort of thing.  So while I’m still learning the best way to make use of the blog format itself, I think this has been a good learning process for me to investigate and develop the system.

Much, much more is coming soon…

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