New Year, New Series, New Disruptions

Here we are diving headfirst into another year of exciting possibilities.  The second series for the Drawing Subscription, Surface Disruptions, is sorted and underway.

Speaking of disruptions, or breaking of the boundaries within a planar dimension, I often think of how incredibly good Ligeti’s Metronome piece is.  In taking the object(s) of timing and rhythm (or rather, the structure of aural composition) he sets each in motion amidst 99 other object-structures and let’s them create a situation wherein the whole of time/space is pitted against itself.  The early science fiction writer Ray Cummings said:  “Time… is what keeps everything from happening at once”, and the achievement of Ligeti’s piece is that it manages to force time to happen all at once, both syncing and harmonizing with itself, and unabashedly breaking free of it’s intended purpose.

This is a disruption of the surface of time(ing), and this is what you can expect from 2012.

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