Hybrid Moments

Modernity, and the commensurate genesis of institutional thought/practice which followed, provided us with the notion of utopian social structures which we both created and are subjected to.  An untenable and fallacious corporate/nation-state of humanity’s seeming perfection, culminating in some of mankind’s greatest achievements and greatest horrors.  We unlocked the atom, the very building blocks of the universe, only to turn and unleash it upon ourselves through the Atomic Bomb. Only humanity could conceive of utilizing the very structure of the universe to de-construct itself in one of the most violent events imaginable.

Our greatest asset will always be our largest handicap. Our humanity is neither intelligent nor selfless enough to deal with its own advances. That is what makes Post-modernity an interesting place.  In showing respect toward the advances of Modernity, but with a keen sense of its own failures we have placed ourselves in a location of in-between. In this, we have managed to hybridize our existence.

Thinking about Surface Disruption, and thinking about how it relates to collapsing the pervasive and lingering consciousness of Modernity, it has generated an interesting space affecting the other work happening in the studio. A coming together of the reverence for these failed notions while still articulating something of their original message. All with full understanding of the inherent limitations of ideals and the constant state of flux which alters everything, making the immediate past a thing of mourning and veneration…until the next thing takes its place.

So: “If you’re gonna scream, scream with me. Moments like this never last…”

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