Coming up on 2013…

Assuming the close of the 13th Baktun on December 21st of this year doesn’t actually destroy the world as we know it, I’m planning on continuing the Drawing Subscription for next year. We’ll open the floodgates for subscribers on November 1st as we’ve done for the past 2 years and see what comes to pass. Surface Disruption has been a great deal of fun and the response from subscribers has been one of consistent joy and surprise.

To keep you all guessing until November arrives in a few weeks, some of the things I’ve been consistently thinking of, which may or may not make there way into the 2013 series are, in no particular order:  Spectres, Enlightenment, Emil Cioran, Necrosis, Annihilation, Failure, Thomas Ligotti, Redacted Documents, Dying Stars, Veneration, and Despair. Of course, the common threads of Black, Minimalism, and Modernity are and always will be somewhat present at hand in the works.

If not beforehand, come back after November 1st to see what’s planned (and to order a subscription for yourself, of course). Until then…

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