Year 3

Today the Black Laboratory of Vincent Como is very excited to unleash the third 1 x 12 Drawing Subscription upon the world.

Please note: Yes, we know the timing on this really sucks, and luckily the Black Laboratory has come through hurricane Sandy relatively unscathed. We feel that it is important to continue moving forward in order to be in a better place to help those who cannot.

And so:

We are entering the center point, the third year, in the commitment that has been made to generating a drawing subscription each year for a minimum of five years. As such there is going to be a special bonus subscription this year. In addition to the full year subscription, we’re also offering a second series as a quarterly subscription. 4 drawings, sent out Jan, May, September and December. This series will be a fixed but undisclosed edition number as opposed to the editions of the full-year’s series being contingent upon the number of subscribers, which means it may well run out, depending of course, on interest. The two month window of opportunity to sign up still applies, and if you miss out you will have to wait until the subscription has run its course before having the opportunity to acquire a collected set, assuming they were not all purchased already!

The Full-year Subscription will be: Dark Continuum

The Quarterly Subscription will be: Apparitions

Don’t sleep on this one…

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