Paradise Lost at MINUS SPACE

Vincent Como, Paradise Lost, Minus Space, Black

Vincent Como: Paradise Lost 004; Oil on Linen with Wood, Wax and Fire; 2011-Present; 20 x 5.5 x 26.25 inches overall

I am very excited to announce Paradise Lost a solo exhibition at MINUS SPACE gallery in Brooklyn opening May 10, 2013 and continuing through June 15, 2013. This series of paintings has been a long time in the making, having been constructed using strict classical techniques of the old masters. Through a series of warm and cool black glazes the surfaces of the paintings are carefully built up and then varnished to a high gloss finish. There is an active decay inherent to the work which results from a series of candles burning on a shelf underneath the paintings leaving faint traces of activity by way of the accumulation of heat and soot, slowly eating away at the surface and altering the work over time at an almost glacial pace. As a result, these works are not only meant to challenge the viewer’s sense of history, memory, evolution, and transcendence, but also their grasp of the precious.

I am truly honored to be showing this work with Matthew and Rossana, whose tireless efforts and dedication have become manifest as one of the smartest and most interesting programs presenting minimal/non-objective work in all of New York.

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