Dark Continuum has been completed


Dark Continuum has been completed in full! See the 2013 dedicated page for a breakdown of materials in the individual installments. I’m quite pleased with this full-year subscription as I’d been wanting to revisit these ideas of cataloging the materials in the studio for a little while now. Previous iterations like Things in My Studio That Make Black (2004 and 2007) provided a certain kind of insight into the studio practice that is otherwise not in the forefront of my mind while regularly working through a project. This provides a refresher on materials and helps to feed ideas that may be circulating in the back of my mind, but not necessarily gelling into a complete thought, and pushes it into the territory of “What if I were to…?”. While more laborious than either a single work, or one of the previous drawing subscriptions, this really challenged me to keep on top of things and maintain focus, which was difficult on many fronts this year, but it got done. Now we’re heading into 2014 with a great new series that I’m looking forward to getting out into the hands of the new subscribers.

As always, many thanks to all of the subscribers and supporters from this past year, it has been a magnificent one.

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