Utopiate the 2015 Drawing Subscription

This upcoming year marks a milestone for the Drawing Subscription project. I developed this project in 2010 and started shipping the first Drawing Subscription installments beginning in 2011. I made the commitment upfront that I would offer a new drawing subscription every year for a minimum of five years and this, my friends, is the beginning of the end for those initial five years, with this becoming the final consecutive subscription to be offered by the Studio.


First Suprematist Exhibition, St. Petersburg, 1915

First Suprematist Exhibition, St. Petersburg, 1915


This fifth offering is going all the way back to the forefathers of non-objectivity and their vision for a new geometric Utopia. A culmination of many things, this series will be about the simplicity of space and composition, both being ongoing concerns in the studio as the placement, scale, and location of the objects I make are equally as important as the surface, structure and materials used. The size and layout of a gallery or other space a work may be situated in helps to inform how works are installed or grouped and “read” as a whole, or otherwise engaged by the viewer. These drawings will continue the tradition of allowing for incidentals (drips, splashes, material imperfections, etc.), and continue to allow for a general casualness in the approach that maybe isn’t always evident in other bodies of work while exploring the location of the page.

Vincent Como "Composition to Threaten Your Existence (02)", 2013

Vincent Como “Composition to Threaten Your Existence (02)”, 2013. Acrylic on Canvas over Board, Beaten into Wall.


We hope you are all as excited as we are for this final drawing subscription series. Subscribers can sign up from October 31st through the end of the year.


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