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Sweet Action…

Posted in Other Blackness with tags , , , , on January 25, 2012 by drawingsubscription

Saturday the 28th will see a new rotation of works in the 3rd iteration of the Lineup series of exhibitions at SUGAR in Brooklyn, NY.  I’ve known Gwendolyn (SUGAR’s proprietor) for a number of years, and she’s got one of the more unique curatorial visions I’ve had the opportunity to both work with and observe.  She’s always been very engaged during studio visits, and comes in both prepared with a very specific idea of what she’s looking to achieve, and with an openness to being surprised by coming across a work she may not have been expecting.  As a result, she generates exhibitions as conversations between works/artists/the audience and allows all of the parts to breathe organically into the reality of the whole. That’s what has been making the Lineup series so interesting, and has taken the conversation(s) to another level.

I’m really pleased to be able to show a new piece from the Composition To Threaten Your Existence series in this next round, and also another manifestation of the series in (No) Vacancy at Carrie Secrist in Chicago (Opening Feb. 4).

Check out a the installation video on SUGAR’s site