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No! Text(s)!

Posted in Other Blackness, Surface Disruption with tags , , on October 21, 2011 by drawingsubscription

I think a lot about this excerpt from Steven Parrino’s “The No Texts”, reprinting an interview with Lydia Lunch:

SWN: Why do you play such short sets?

LL: Less is more. That’s how I feel. Like discipline. Or punishment. You don’t need 30 minutes of my music to know what I’m talking about.

SWN: Does a 30-second instrumental say it all?

LL: Yes. It says, ‘FUCK!’ ‘CHILD!’ ‘HURT!’ ‘FUCK!’

SWN: Is the minimalism very important? There’s an absence of dynamics in the music, your words express very simple feelings. They don’t even express an opinion. Would any more compromise your opinion of the audience, which is very low?

LL: I never said that. Only that they’re secondary compared to me. I don’t think more music is needed. And that attitude is what I feel. It’s like primal therapy. I scream for you, you know. I’m up there screaming my fucking guts out. It’s for you as much as me, only I’d be…

SWN: The last to admit it.

(‘Sin, Guilt and Lunch’ interview of Lydia Lunch, The Soho Weekly News, October, 25 1979)