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June: Full Subscription

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Vincent Como, Drawing Subscription, Dark ContinuumDark Continuum 06 has now made its way out of the studio to the 2013 subscribers! This series is mixed media on paper charting the trajectory of the studio practice through the black elements available and on-hand which have been and will continue to be used in upcoming projects. Page size is 9 x 12 inches. (ed. 8/8 pictured)

Jack Goldstein x 10,000

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This past weekend I took a moment out to feed the beast and saw the Jack Goldstein show at the Jewish Museum. I was becoming familiar with his paintings in the early 2000’s, which coincidentally, started becoming more pervasive and getting a lot more traction (if only for a couple years) after he killed himself in ‘03. Over the following years, I’d become more informed about his practice and started to become aware of his film work and later text based work, although I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to see much, if any, of these other forms in real-space.

I have a feeling that this retrospective could go much deeper, but at the same time, I feel all aspects of his practice are touched upon within the survey, and given that it almost didn’t travel to New York (Which would have been a gross oversight on the part of every institution in this city), I’ll take what I can get. What became very clear to me as I absorbed the work, is that Goldstein was very heavily influenced by living in California and had a very keen understanding of Media, and by Media I mean not just Hollywood, but the structure through which we relate to something other-than ourselves and absorb ideas. Whether he was utilizing it for film, painting, recording, or text, his approach remained consistent throughout. This was an approach of capturing a moment, freezing time, making concrete the ephemeral.

I certainly do not want to say that Goldstein was at the forefront of technology, although he was a very early adopter of various technologies and very fluid in his navigation of material to suit the needs of the project. No, I suspect he was after something entirely different than something merely “new” with regard to presentation, and there’s something equally magical and brilliant in the way he pulls it off.

Go see this show.

Curious Minds…

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Thus far, the response to Paradise Lost at MINUS SPACE has been extraordinarily positive. I’m incredibly happy that the gentlemen at Jersey City’s very own Curious Matter came by to experience the work. We’ve done a couple of projects together, from my participation in 2008’s Hocus Pocus exhibition, to curating the Psychopomp exhibition in 2010, and I wish I could get to every one of their shows because I love them to death. But of course, the reality of juggling schedules and commitments don’t always lend themselves to what one wants. Nevertheless, I’m very pleased to read their experience of the show. Check it out here:


And a very big thanks to Raymond and Arthur.