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April: Full Subscription

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Vincent Como, Dark Continuum, Drawing Subscription, Black

Dark Continuum 04 has now made its way out of the studio to the 2013 subscribers! This series is mixed media on paper charting the trajectory of the studio practice through the black elements available and on-hand which have been and will continue to be used in upcoming projects. Page size is 9 x 12 inches. (ed. 8/8 pictured)

Goings on

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A little peek at what’s in store for quarterly subscribers. The second installment of “Apparitions” will be heading out next month!


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Atramentum published by Radical Matters Editions Label

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Atramentum, Vincent Como, Black, Radical Matters Editions Label

I am very happy to partner with Radical Matters Editions Label, an independent publishing house and record label in Italy focusing on experimental and transgressive works, to unleash the black mysteries of Atramentum through their Eskathon Publishing division. This collection of works are “Images”, or rather, arrangements of black on a page delivered as an e-folio which are to be printed out by the collector. These works are digital monotypes, as each different printer, toner, and paper combination will have a hand in the authorship of the pieces, affecting the appearance of the final work. Atramentum is the ancient term used to describe “the very black”.

This project is scaled to EU standards and the A4 paper size. Similar to the 8.5 x 11 inch US “Letter” standard, but not quite, so that too will slightly alter the final composition.

Direct Link to PDF download here

I first came in to contact with Sandro Gronchi at Radical Matters when participating in the third Black Metal Theory Symposium in 2011. RMEDL provided a live stream of the proceedings which are archived on their site. Sandro is a tireless supporter of some of the most interesting experimental music, art and theory that can be found in the living world. We had been discussing another larger scale publication project which has not yet become manifest, but in the interim, it has been an honor and a pleasure to be able to produce Atramentum with him. I’m very much looking forward to other projects from RMEDL and the Eskathon Publishing series, and you should too…