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November: Utopiate 11

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UT011Utopiate 11 has now made its way out of the studio to the 2015 subscribers!  This series is Ink on Paper.  All works are 9 x 12 inches.  (ed 10/10 pictured)

The Violent Study Club

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Vincent Como, Black, Painting, Trismegistus

“Trismegistus” 2012, oil on canvas over board (in three parts), 49.375 x 49.625 inches.

I’m very excited to be participating in a group show opening Saturday, November 21st at the newly opened Stout Projects in Brooklyn, NY. This will be their second exhibition and I am in incredibly good company with the likes of Karen Baumeister, Jonathan Cowan and Debra Ramsay. The exhibition opens Saturday, November 21st from 2-4 pm and will run until December 20th. There will be an artist talk on Saturday, December 19th at 2 pm.

Errata the 2016 Drawing Subscription

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reinhardt painting

Ad Reinhardt in his studio


It has been said of both Steven Parrino and Ad Reinhardt, two powerhouses of the Black Monochrome, that upon a work’s return to the studio from an exhibition it could be subjected to a painting over, an “editing” (in the case of Parrino), or “conservation” (in the case of Reinhardt). Whether to correct the pristine black surface of the painting, or negate its history through obfuscation, both artists returned to the source object, the original matter at hand, in order to further refine it as a whole, rather than recreate it as another work.

This year’s Drawing Subscription Errata pays homage to the same kind of reinvention, reclassification, and re-contextualization that comes from going back to explore what has already been put out into the world, taking liberty of the opportunity to demand a little more of an object, no matter how minute or nuanced the final alteration. Come with us as we push against the edges of the modern canon and bring the black monochrome into the 21st century.

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