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October: Full Subscription

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Vincent Como, Dark Continuum, Drawing Subscription, Black

Dark Continuum 10 has now made its way out of the studio to the 2013 subscribers! This series is mixed media on paper charting the trajectory of the studio practice through the black elements available and on-hand which have been and will continue to be used in upcoming projects. Page size is 9 x 12 inches. (ed. 8/8 pictured)

New Interview

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I very much enjoyed the structure and restrictions of an interview like this one which was just published by Five Questions. Enjoy.

The Void Looks Black

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Thank you for sharing your experience of the work, Diarmuid.

Schoolboy Errors


Sth I wrote a while ago in response to my friend Vincent Como‘s show at Minus Space, BK this summer. This is not a review.

Vincent Como: Paradise Lost

May 10 – June 15, 2013

Minus Space, 111 Front St, Suite 226, Brooklyn, NY.

Down under the Brooklyn overpass, it’s hot, it’s sunny and I don’t know where I am. Drawing out a phone, I peer into the screen. The tip of the right index finger depresses the phone’s ON button as the right thumb types into the map application “M-I-N-U-S – S-P-I-C-E [sic] F-R-O-N-T-S-T”. I appreciate the phone’s reassuring weight centred in the palm of the right hand; the bevelled edge around which little, ring and middle fingers curl. It’s too bright to see the results, however: rounding a street corner, reveals a wall of midday sun and suddenly the obsidian surface reflects only a dim face…

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