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Begun in Jan 2011, I have embarked on a project which will be recurring each year for at least a five-year period and I am inviting you to watch it unfold.  I am creating a subscription service for a suite of editioned drawings.  Every month subscribers will receive a new drawing generated for a year-long series following a theme.  Each year the theme will change.  The total number of each year’s edition will be determined by the number of subscribers +5 additional to be collected and offered as a full set after the project has run its course.  These drawings will not be made available to the public in any other context for the duration of the initial five years of the project, except through the subscription. These drawings will be original, hand-generated copies of one another.  They will constitute an unconventional edition with their own unique flaws and subtleties.  All works in the Subscription Series will be at or under 9×12 inches.


Drawing is an integral part of my studio practice; it’s my way of thinking out loud.  Externalizing ideas and allowing the thought process to unfold before me.  I use drawing as a starting point for every project or series I undertake, some of which develop into a series of finished works themselves, or are realized as footnotes to other pieces.  Some drawings are schematics used to map out different elements of an idea.  This project allows the receiver to get a monthly peek into the workings of the studio; to experience the development of ideas over the course of a year which are feeding the exhibitions that I may be currently working toward and presenting in the next year.   Drawing is a conversation I have with myself, an active meditation on the themes I am interested in developing, and I am now inviting you to participate in this part of the conversation as well.


Starting on November 1st, and continuing until Dec 31 of each year interested parties may sign up for the next year’s Drawing Subscription.  Subscriptions for the year will be $430 including s/h (price includes domestic shipping only, inquire about international). At the middle of January the first drawings in the series will be sent out.

RETURNING SUBSCRIBERS: As we have been lucky enough to have had several loyal subscribers continue from one year to the next – and in the interest of maintaining consistency with the theme of repetition – ANY subscriber from ANY previous subscription will be granted a discounted price at the previous cost of $375 (including domestic s/h) for this year only. Just email the studio ( and we’ll invoice you directly. We appreciate and thank you for your loyalty and dedication to this work and this project!!!

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